materials and care

We only use the best materials for our jewelry. Our metals are Argentium Silver 935 and 22K Gold bimetal. The use of both metals creates a piece of excellent quality while adding contrast, color, and richness to the piece.


What is Argentium silver?


Brighter than white gold, sterling silver, and platinum, Argentium silver is the whitest metal with the longest-lasting shine. With no plating to chip away or tarnish, Argentium’s natural white-silver color is the same throughout the entire piece.

Argentium is more pure than sterling silver. Traditional sterling silver combines 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% other metals (usually copper). Argentium silver uses more pure silver (93.5%) combined with germanium.


 What is bimetal?


A sheet of 22 karat gold with a rich yellow color is bonded with another of sterling silver to form a solid sheet of precious metal with two distinct surfaces. This bonding technique makes a strong and beautiful piece of metal that can be crafted as a high quality piece of jewelry.

Taking advantage of the benefits of this material, María Blondet wisely designs some of her pieces so they can be used on either side (silver or gold) making them versatile.