the artist


With the inspiration of the exuberant Caribbean landscape that surrounds her native Puerto Rico, María Blondet juxtaposes design and form to extract rhythm from precious metals to create delicate sculptural jewelry pieces to be worn.

The craftsmanship and harmonious use of opposites -light and dark metals, positive and negative spaces, polished and textured finishes- distinguish her unique pieces which are completely handmade by the artist.

María works in a daily basis in her studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico where, she designs, makes, and assembles each piece with dedication.

Her pieces are always done with the best materials; Argentium silver 935, Gold 22K,18K, 14K and a variety of semiprecious stones. Rhythm, texture, contrast, movement and brilliance are some of the word you can use to describe her work.

The uniqueness of Blondet’s work has caught the attention of a very discerning design conscious clientele that collects this artist’s work.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally:  Philadelphia -USA, Joya Barcelona- España, Milano Jewelry Week, Italy, Como -Italy, Munich -Germany, San Juan -Puerto Rico, Budapest -Hungary, Munbai- India, Shenzhen y HuNan -China, San Juan -Puerto Rico.